Ten Reasons Why A Player Will Not Sign Up For Or Use Their Free Casino Card

Posted formula1-betting June 18, 2023
Updated 2023/06/18 at 8:23 AM
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It is essential to understand why players don’t use or sign up for your Card after receiving their first one. It will help you better understand your customer base and how your staff communicates your loyalty program’s benefits.

After visiting hundreds of casinos in the United States as a consultant, mystery shopper, or player, I’ve created a database to track why people don’t want to use a player’s Card. The list will be updated, and I may even break it down by type of casino and gaming jurisdiction (local, resort or tribal).

10. Offers aren’t worthwhile; I only received a free coffee cup.

What is your guilt level for not communicating the advantages of joining your club to others? Do you “bait” people into joining your club and completely forget about them afterwards? It happens too often when the player’s best offer was $5 Free Play and a logo disposable camera. After they’ve spent their “bankroll,” you don’t contact them again. We understand why. Too much budget is spent on new players, while not enough money is allocated to existing players, or perhaps the player didn’t have enough time on the first trip. It’s okay to pay for labour and give a gift or coupon book, but it isn’t enough to stamp a letter to say, “Hey, thanks for joining…as an added reminder, these are the benefits …”

9. Lines are too long

What a two-edged blade! The line is so long that you can’t sign up anymore. Really? It’s like Yogi’s famous quote, “Nobody ever goes there anymore…it’s way too crowded.” How long has it been since you looked around the confusing queueing area? What is the number of new sign-ups waiting for entry tickets or coupons? The number of VIPs being served by club members is the same as that of potential new customers. How much time should be allocated to each new member? Look at number 10. There is a pattern.

8. No, I do not want to have my information tracked.

How can you think that your players’ information will be given to just anyone in the modern age? (Elvis sightings aside) The Player Database is “the Holy Grail” for all things good in gaming. Let them know that it is better protected than compensation packages for executives. This statement loosely translates as, “I do not want my husband/wife to know how much I am playing.” Tell them how to add their name to a “do-not-mail, do not call, or email” file and devise an inventive way to pick up the rewards manually.

Club benefits include being tracked. One reason for becoming a free member is to track your progress. It’s the same as the F&B director accepting that “I do not eat at a buffet because I dislike making choices.” Re-emphasize that not every player wins at the casino and how you can use your points, comps or benefits to compensate for those bad days. A player cannot request a tax win/loss report without a tracking program.

7. In six months, I will get a much better deal.

It happens more than I expected and is the seventh most common reason. Your player’s statement is simple: “I joined, got little and played some, but when I stopped using my card, you sent me an even better offer (again) to return for a free buffet, discounted rooms or show tickets.” You can check out Reason 10 once more. We have spotted a pattern. It is incredible because most jurisdictions archive older accounts and do not delete them. What checks and balances are there to prevent duplicate records of players? It is entertaining to hear the con artists boast about fooling “the establishment.” Okay, perhaps not.

6. I lost it/I forgot it.

If they have forgotten their Card or lost it, then this implies that the person once held a credit card. The probability is, “Nope, nada” or “No way.” It’s just that they are too uncomfortable to say, “Thanks.” You may have wondered why someone won’t tell you their name to reprint a card or hand you their driver’s license. “Oops! Must have forgotten that too .”). These excuses could be easily placed under any category on the list.

5. Only play at the tables

It’s been said many times: “We do not have a system to track the players at each table because it is too difficult.” The pit supervisor did not manually enter or rate the rating card of the player into the system. Why? There are many reasons for this, but that’s not an excuse. Compare your offers to other players at the table, not slot players. You have to play big at the tables to get significant payouts. Not just match plays or slot-free plays, but big table play deserves large rewards. Please do not get me going on the table-hold percentages, either. I am just a messenger.

4. You don’t have enough time to play.

It would be valid if the 프리카지노 did not offer discounts on rooms, points days, and meals for being a FREE Member. Are we communicating these benefits effectively? The trend is spreading like wildfire.

3. Card reader or Card does not work.

After watching a group of slot players have a blast, I realized their card reader flashed, “Please insert your card!” The players would dance around the machine, flipping and rotating their cards. They’d then move on to another slot. Sincerity, I have seen people try to insert another casino card. It happens. You can offer to clean the readers or replace cards and walk around to look for any card readers that are not working. But your credibility will be shot if someone has to move seats or play an inferior game.

2. some too many people use someone else’s credit card.

Every disclaimer is on the backside of every player’s Card. I’ve seen club centers issue a card to players that is one short of the infinity mark, despite the tracking system saying: “Number of cards issued”: 2.567.875. There’s no red flag. It happens often, but local bars are the only places where players complain. In these venues, players have more data on who played when, where, and for how long. Take them off the ground and make them Player Development Directors.

The number one reason for!

1. Superstitious: I’m not superstitious, but I win more when I don’t use it.

It is a common excuse used by every gambling jurisdiction in the world. Superstition is hard to argue against. Gaming has always been based on gut instincts, luck, and fate. Every casino is excellent at letting players know about their wins on the wall of fame, slot toppers and their websites. We all know that winners did not build Vegas. But when did a marketing director run a campaign saying, “Play your card, and you will lose more money than everyone else” or “Please do not use your card because you are going to win too much?”

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