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Posted formula1-betting March 27, 2023
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Many South Koreans have developed a liking for online gambling in recent years. There are many reasons, but the most important is Son Heung-Min’s success in the English Premier League as a Tottenham Hotspurs player.

If you want to learn more about this growing market, read on. We offer an in-depth overview of South Korean online betting.


South Korea has been a popular destination for betting on sports, but online gambling opened the world to the possibility of betting. Millions of sports enthusiasts love to predict their favourite teams and back them in the betting.

This page lists a few bookmakers that allow you to do exactly that. You can place bets from your mobile phone or computer at home. Gambling on top sports and competitions is possible with the help of dozens of markets available for upcoming fixtures. Sign up at the best betting sites in Korea to receive a free welcome bonus.

Korea’s history of sports betting

Many non-European nations have strict laws regarding gambling. South Korea is an example. Although the law can penalize an indigenous person for gambling, online betting is sometimes legal.

Before discussing these exceptions, let’s clarify that the Korean government incites foreigners to gamble on their land. There are currently 23 casinos located on the peninsula. While Korean residents are subject to imprisonment for visiting the majority of these casinos, they are not allowed to gamble.

However, this doesn’t stop Koreans from speaking fluent English. They are close to becoming a gambling nation.

Here are some interesting facts about betting in Korea

  • If they are caught in foreign casinos, Koreans could face three years of imprisonment
  • Kangwon Land Casino & Hotel is the only South Korean casino that Koreans are allowed to visit without restrictions
  • South Korea’s most loved gambling games are poker and football
  • The most beloved football team in South Korea is Tottenham Hotspurs

The Kangwon Land Casino and Hotel are one of the few casinos that Koreans can visit. The casino is located in a highly remote part of the peninsula and has managed to expand its customer base. Although it is funny, Koreans need to be aware that they can only attend Kangwon for 15 days per month due to the restrictions of government concessions.

The local government isn’t interested in its citizens gambling excessively for various reasons. One reason is the general understanding of addiction and the possible consequences. That may be why we don’t see Korean versions on all the top betting sites 아바타배팅.


If you say you want the best gambling site, this combines personal preference and quality. We consider these factors and create a guide to help you choose the best bookmaker.

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The bookmaker can make test drives

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Make your final choice

You should be able to identify the best bookies after using them. Be sure to read the legislation before signing up for anything.

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