Don’t hide your Poker Mistakes

Posted formula1-betting September 14, 2022
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Being honest about mistakes and failures is essential to playing poker professionally and winning. There is no way to ignore the mistakes you make. You can never put aside losses. You cannot be a victim of the consequences of failure. It is imperative to acknowledge, embrace, and announce your mistakes.

Players who lose “forget” the loss of their canlı casino games, “ignore” bad plays that cost them money they “overlook” the tangled emotional play that’s the root of their mistakes. They aren’t willing to acknowledge mistakes, losses, and issues because they fear the public will notice they’re bad players. Perhaps their spouse, buddies, or even other players will discover that this person is full of lies. The main reason they avoid, deny or ignore is that they do not want to confront the fact that they are the reason for their own mistakes.

In essence, if they’re playing losing, it is logical that they must stop playing. However, they aren’t ready to quit playing. They’d rather keep playing because they love to play. Instead of confronting their shortcomings and improving, they hide them away and continue to be wrong or even worse.

Therefore, your aim should always be to minimize your accomplishments – they’re not unexpected, after all – and to draw attention to your mistakes. Focus on the positives without judgment or focusing on your shortcomings. Be interested in them, just as a child with an intriguing bug. Make a poke, then flip it over, and grab it before letting it glide around your fingers. Also, look at it and ask questions.

Questions to ask your Red Failure Bug (mine has a red):

Where are you from, a little bug of failure? 

– What made me invite you to my home? 

Are you a part of my game that I have approved, or did I depart the way I view the best playing? 

Are you a complete failure or just luck in an intriguing way? 

Did I do you to make me feel better? 

What other forms has this error/bug been spotted from my gaming?

Check for other variants of the same error and look for patterns.

Find out what this kind of error has resulted in a loss for you. Please take a moment to think about it and assign the dollar amount. Then, believe about in the future what that error will cost you. If your aim is playing twice and at double the stakes over the next ten years, If this error costs you $100 in the month before, You can confidently declare that if you don’t rectify this error, it will cost you $48,000!!

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This little lapse isn’t such a big thing. If this happens to be a sole flaw that prevents you from becoming a winning player, it could result in several hundred thousand dollars in your entire poker career. one that could never happen.

Create a new rule or amend an existing rule to fix this mistake and integrate the rule into your routine. Make use of the rule formula for writing. Write your rules 100 times. Then put the rule in your notebook and tape it onto your monitor.

The key here is never to overlook mistakes. They’re the most powerful instrument you can use to make money from poker. Be aware of them, talk about them with your friends, and let them be known. If you keep these issues in your head, they’ll resurface and create emotional constipation in your play.

You’ll want to keep your poker mindset fresh and well-maintained. The only way to accomplish this is to keep your poker psyche open. Anything you conceal will likely rot due to oxygen deficiency and cause dead zones in your poker brain.

Be aware that any loss is a way through which you can see the next more significant achievement. If you can open it to explore it and explore it, you’ll discover fresh, bright perspectives. If you shut the curtains over it and attempt to ignore it, it’ll be a cold wind that can be a constant source of irritation and stifles your sport.

Anthony Okrongly is a professional online poker player, coach, and author of various underground poker books, insider guides, and speedy poker improvement techniques. His methods can be equally controversial, but they’re efficient for novice and experienced players.


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